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Stick to the Paleo diet

The Paleo Diet will only work for you if you follow it. You may not think a cheat here and there will make much of a difference, but you'll only know this if keep track of what you eat. Studies show that people who keep food journals have three times more success at reaching their goals. This is because they are more mindful of what they eat and tend to avoid "bad" foods because they don't want to journal it.

The PaleoViz approach is to make journaling as easy as possible. Just snap a picture of your food, quickly rate it on paleoness and taste, add a label and save. Since your iPhone is always with you, you'll always be able to journal.

PaleoViz never gets in the way of you journaling. If you want, just snap a picture and save. You can go back add ratings and other information later when you have time.

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Find ideas for what to eat

Browse your tracked meals and find out what you rated them, their macronutrient content, and where you had them. A picture is worth a thousand words -- seeing the picture will bring back old memories of the meal and trigger an emotional response based on how good it was.

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Motivate yourself to reach your paleo goals

The PaleoViz stats page shows how you are improving over time. Our bubble chart summarizes a day's eating and makes cheats obvious. Each day is graded and you can quickly see your past grades and current no-cheat streak.

The chart is colored based on your customizable keywords. If you want to limit dairy, use keywords to highlight those meals, so you can quickly remind yourself of what dairy you're eating in a day.

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Made specifically for paleo dieters

PaleoViz was designed from the ground up to meet the needs of paleo dieters.

PaleoViz will help you stick to the paleo diet by making it simple to keep a journal and letting you quickly find ideas for new meals.

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